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"To accomplish great things,
We must not only act, but also dream;
Not only plan, but also believe."

Started off as P&R Engineering Services, the company has gained valuable on-field experience by executing more than one hundred large, medium and small scale projects in several engineering fields. In 2005, P&R Engineering Services was merged with P&R Infraprojects Ltd. along with all its assets and liabilities.

In its initial years, the P&R group was predominantly engaged in the fabrication of penstocks for hydroelectric projects of varying capacities. We have attained proficiency in design, fabrication, erection, testing and commissioning of heavy duty penstocks with high strength steel plates. Our quality record is well established; this experience helped P&R to develop its own renewable energy by establishing Hydro Power Project at Brenwar (Jammu and Kashmir) and at Gogripur (Haryana) under the IPP mode

P&R also has expertise in projects involving structural superstructures, steel bridges, thermal power projects, hydro power project, civil construction, etc. The rich experience in various fields helped us in earning the contract of various projects for the Commonwealth Games ’10, Delhi. The successful completion of these projects has given P&R a reputed name in the market.

P&R is self-sufficient in the design, fabrication and erection department. A state of the art workshop, well equipped with advanced automated machinery, and a fleet of over 60 cranes, ensures that no delay occurs in the fabrication and erection procedures. Moreover, the workshop has its own facilities for various quality tests, like Radiographic Test, Ultrasonic Test, etc., which ensure that the fabricated components match the quality standards.

Each employee is treated as a family member and the management takes due care of every individual’s cares and needs. Utmost safety standards have been set which are followed stringently which ensure that each employee feels safe while working on-site. This peace of mind, coupled with emotional bonding of each employee with the company, increases the over-all work efficiency which ensures that every project is completed on time.

Performance, Passion, Teamwork, Reliability and Agility- these are the core values on which the P&R group has been built and grown. The group has seen various obstacles along the way; but it has overcome each obstacle with élan and come out victorious.The courage shown by employees in completing challenging projects efficiently and quickly has helped P&R Infra projects Ltd. to achieve great feats in a very short period of time. But we do not believe in basking in the glory of our past achievements- we are set for the future with new and innovative methods for challenging tasks; for the journey has just begun…

-Paveljeet Singh Ruppal

(Managing Director-P&R Infraprojects Ltd.)